Body Image wants Photoshop

You know I see other men’s penises and and they look so goddamn thick. I’m like “ugh, mine is so anorexic compared to them.” The length is fine, I have no qualms or beef with that, but I just don’t feel up to snuff sometimes. I know, it’s about finding a woman that likes you and doesn’t care so much about that, but that man ego thing just chaffs at you. You don’t want to be self-conscious but you end up being that way and this bizarre man mania or complex arises. Too much is tied to that organ grinder. Too much is attached to the physical.

But is the mental any better? Too much is going on in there as well, consternation with little alleviation. What but to take a little pill for good measure. Some Soma spa day to lithely let loose the ravaging brain, gray matter on drifters.