Love Lump

I just want to hug and squeeze something until all the love is sapped out of me. Lenny something to death. Pour out all my weepy droopy emotions onto a living, breathing pillow. That human need for closeness and connection just expunged from the body as blood flowing out of organs. Just a reverse sadness black hole pulsing with sorrow capitulations. Is that right? I don’t even know, I’m traversing my mind searching for the right words to just…expel all these junk feelings from my mental inbox. It’s so sappy and sugary like pancake drippings on a blank plate. When I’m buttered up it’s all good and I can escape the emo teen dragging feet inside the thumping chest, lovely moments of sunny ambitious reverie. Lachrymose ticks are shunned away from my timepiece and I live, oh how I live and breathe the sweet nectared air of hummingbird freedom. Spreading lively life wings into the wonder of a peaceful moment, funtime dropbox unfurling cardboard dreams into clean and sober monosphere. Just a soft dream with a right-by-my-side pillow.


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