Lucifer Morning (very dark)

You hit that rock bottom. The devil’s eye be watchin’ you. Turn turn the eyelids flitter, burrowing deceit and desire in that thicket of skull. Temptations. The swirling miasmic honeydew glow basking in itself, getting off on the strength of its own luminosity. Tinkerbell flakes swooping airily along blacky magenta skylines, making many journeys as the Dickensian spirits do. Second coming, more you say! Seconds for Betsy and Oliver too. Greedy goblins taking platefuls home for mangy mutts. Canines better than redheaded leechers. Temptation.

There are these wispy arcs of sooty black ash curving and curling up into the air. Filled with that malicious anger set upon the world. Little brats evolving to maniacal hate-filled seething stumps, retarded in their spiritual growth. They cut themselves off, driving away from the society that clothed them. Orphans by choice; cruel gruel on mangled twisted lips. Saucer and bowl for hungry dogs of anything goes anger romps. Twist and dement the goodwill of man, pay a pretty price for power and control. The bowl overfloweth, no trickle for the devout.
All seeing all desiring, wanting all earthly pleasures in a scoop of the wrist. Temptation.

The hoofed beast throws more scraps your way. Plump little minstrels and scared little girls ripe for having away. Flowery scents and far away eyes give rise to lecherous old louts. Getting rock steady as the night drags on. Indulging in appetites deep beneath the moral center. Slash and burn delicate flesh of fairly fair mortals, binging and cracking arms and legs, lotioned bodice serves no purpose in the fiery furnace abode. Muffled screams as the lolitas suckitoff, forceful obligations by tubby pots with snickering faces. Wretched wrinkles and wide grins marking the morphing visage. Animal farm ending comes upon them. Gorging pigs lapping up sinful delectables of the shock and awe variety. Shattered dolls taken away til next casting call. Cleaned and scrubbed for the laughing boars. Temptation.

Hurt and slander be the new wave but it all ends the same. Violence cum pestilence, uncivil wars and gross defeat. Never ending never winning, just gladiators piercing flesh and bone wrecking balls. Blood trails and impales, a reckoning, a crucifying, an inquisition of ill repute. Rebuke and condemn these sinful creatures. Eyes burning with lust and savagery, hot coals of golden shining dead lights. Split sides and forked tongue slithering and whispering devil deeds in neighbors ears  Do it do it! Take everything you want. Indulge indulge, revel devil and Sodom come. Kingdom come, past the breach, killing spree the decree.  Gnash and grind the skull-fucked enemies,  chomp and chew long legged long pig. Take it. Take it all, let desires go unchecked. Temptation.

He has more, they have more. Kill em all, take it all, love and leave it all. Growing sick of all the vice but never does it leave your side. Stuck to it, slave to it. Rusty chains and dark circles bounding you to every dark thought, all manner of transgression and still yet you cry more. So much more. A thousand lifetimes and still the chains jingle beckoning an audience for the slaughter. Baby lambs the sweetest meat. Defile that downy carcass and destroy innocence remnants. Wails and pleads just the orchestra of the new dawn. Bleating hearts begging for release; please god kill me. Torture, pain, the amorous humiliation partaking in game night. Spin the wheel, toss the key, prisoner’s dilemma and a hunting there will be. Regale in the chase, smirk crosses the wicked visage. Stiff at the prospect of another gleeful romp. Animalia, necrophilia, no more borders of what’s right. Temptation.


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