Combos and sides

Germs germs every way germs.
Dirt and grime all over the world.
Never touch this never ever squirm.
Stay away from me make a ball curled.
I don’t wanna breathe I’m so disgusted.
I don’t wanna cum don’t wanna spread seed.
Make it through the day can’t be naked.
Filthy ugly form never shall I breed.
Brush and clean it up wash away sin.
Double triple scrub red from bleaching.
I don’t want no touch never get within.
I don’t want no love never comforting.
Peel the skin away dirty oily mess.
Burn the evil out burn the sick away.
All I need is time all I need from you is less.
Scratch and tic away demons here to stay.
Looking all around paranoia set.
Worry fear and gripes never letting go.
Staring empty now shell shock vet.
Fret and piddle self humiliation show.
All I need is space claustrophobic sting.
I don’t wanna fight struggle fail and fall.
I don’t wanna stand shrinking from the ring.
Self I do despise gone and hung it all.

Googly moogly hullabaloo.
Set at 8 I’m out at two.
Spinning tables twelve chairs.
Damn little teapot bubbling up.
Cornish hens and placid ducks.
Hosh posh ballroom blitz.
Dining room and dining tryst.
Fare the well come about face.
Shiny tiny boots full of lace.
Corduroy and bobby pins.
Playschool playdate doctor date.
Kinder garden belly rubs.
Crawl and spittle earthly shrubs.
Shrugs thugs beastly pugs.
Addict edict minor drugs.
Fickle fevered ego drop.
Acid test and mono lock.
Lips hips curves and dips.
Sensuous senses sensei sips.
Meister master on display.
Dive in drive in Tarantino filming.
Easy gutter life and waste.
All in fo dat paper chase.
Galang galang Vietcong nang.
Raspberry strumpets and space tang.
Pootie cutie oh so newbie.
Fight for freedom fight for wife.
Bridezilla gorilla jock filler fella.
Pancake putin Russian gluten.
Mange mange food for thought.


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