There’s a brightness that is showing. Like the moon that is glowing. Sun and stars and all within me. Supposed chakras lighted up like Kumar spliffs.

I awaken from a slumber. And I find the magic number. Two spirits forming double helix Deuteronomy. Numerology making the divide.

We separate so slowly. In the drift I am so lonely. Earth quakes with violent brushes. Two lands with dimming light.

The darkness hides my body. Please beat me I am naughty. So far flung from being healthy. I crumble under the weight.

Forsaken by the times. I have begun to commit crimes. Evil takes this withered body.  And I whip myself tonight.

Self-delusion and self-harm. I awake with disturbed alarm. I am not the man I used to be. I am not a thing to see.

Fighting numbers, lost in words. Having tea with absurds. Token phrases, palms in face. Curling up in balled distress.

Settle up settle down. Identity the empty noun. Hero of the broken toys. Counting down the final hour.


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