Full Circle

No I can’t tell you what’s wrong.
I can’t love you like other men.
I’m Kevin Bacon.
I’m a hollow man.
Empty inside.
Filled with sighs, cries, lies.
My heart’s cold and deprived.
I know not where I begin.
Tattered tail at my mouth.
Nokia games and burst pixels.
Game over man.
You give me warmth.
Cozy shack memories.
IOU’s falling out of me.
I’ll get you next time.
Following pretty faces.
No follow up.
Game’s locked.
I’m a brick.
Jailbreak me please.
Let out the coffin.
Airate my lovely bones.
Jingle jangle love lumps.
Sugar assault me now.
Deeper into my own ocean.
Beyond the sea.
Are you waiting for me?
I’m lonely, off.
Disfigured figuratively.
Am I ugly inside?
Twisted little mind?
Huddling in dark corners.
Stay away.


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