Crafting the Disguise

There’s a uniqueness in being original, it comes at a price. Trapped in your husk of a glowing self separated from other people, the lifeblood of modernity. You become jaded and misanthropic, casting fingers and slurs at the masses and cry mediocrity and the like. At the same time you crave them, the human instinct, need, for camaraderie and social cohesion. It’s too difficult to be alone, to live without the throngs of meatbags at your door.

Coffee shop philosophizing and you run out of ears; you thought you were the anointed one and symphonious words trailed from your lips. You had the illusion? delusion? idea? that you were the greater than, < a crown upon your head. Did you know better than they? Once again the real truth, the meat of the matter, is in the middle of the Venn diagram. Each part must meet, you must be a little more like them to not suffer the slings and arrows and ennui of singular life. They must meander into your zone to add some quintessential something to their existence, some spark against the smouldering flame. East meets West. We all benefit from sharing, prosper by stomping the ego.

i see many in the throes of this tightrope walk, the shuffling between phases, playing their hands in different arenas. They look upon each other and laugh derisively, cynically, balefully, taking the other as a fool. Wasting so many years trying to be the same, trying to be different, trying to be an actual something in this cold warped world. We all look for our identity while crafting the disguise. We push away in our lifeboats drifting further from the mainland that welcomes us. In honesty the land is hard to make out as we start our journey, I don't deny that, but the point is to focus our eyes and sally forth to the sandy beaches, to me at least. I guess some people are not inclined towards those years of self-discovery and awareness building. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are more enticing livations for hedonist youth. Who could blame them?

That main point though, to look at your neighbours lot and smear the lines of division, at least learn something from each other. A little dab will do ya. We waste time segregating ourselves and losing insight, shoving popcorn in our mouths as the flickering shadows on the wall delight us, telling tales of temptation. All this otherizing is pointless and stubby; how must we make art without the sharp edge. Our goal is balance, ying and yang holds all the answers. Mutate with one another.


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