Quickly now

Love hate, love hate
Narcissistic pessimistic
Gestating putrid caustic
Acid days boozy nights
Cut off skin remove the fat
Drain drain lizard brain
Flee, fuck, cheat the teat
Flabby manboobs bilious hate
Lop off chop off feminine form
Peepshow freakshow never norm
Tails tails, I make no heads
Lost my marbles lost it all
Crawling sprawling floor and fall
Dragging disgrace
Wacko Jacko
Off the wall
Smashing mirrors
Seven years bad luck
Not an itch
But bachelor stuck
Chow chow feelings down
Maniac mange, buffet glut
Blow up throw up
Work out kinks, starve the beast
Master barbells raise salute
Heil the super man
Zarathustra bellows now
Pain pain suffer the pain
Cat o nine tails scratch the back
Break the cipher, code the crack


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