No More

She says she wants a better man
A one that makes the equal bread
For her I’m not the higher choice
In reality I’m really dead

I don’t know if I love her madly
In truth I just pass affection
I cannot give her what she needs
The idea of her becomes obsession

I feel I am not up to snuff
Her sexual appetite is daunting
To beat her boyfriend is a task
A hollow man and she’s left wanting

I hurry home and stew in anguish
I cannot lift out of the stupor
I feel nothing for nobody
And feelings I do but neuter

Slowly do I make progression
Dull are the naughty urges
Paltry are the good deeds
Emotional dumps and purges

Fooled myself in game of love
Aroused the sleeping snake
Not a care is my peace
Solitude for the take


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