Touretty OCD Dance

Eyes so flitting, neck so twitching ticking beckoning belittling.
I turn askance once twice and another.
Looking over my shoulder at phantoms and specters.
Parcel delivery no shipping weight, freight, fraught fears and illusions hammering away.
Hide hide the scared wilting flower.
Haughty tawdry all naughty satyr playing peek-a-boo who.
Fear in me, devil in you.
Devil all around, shadow stranger around my way.
Sneak a peek throughout the day, haunting terrors grasping flecked nervous skin.
Darkly demons starkly hiding away.
They come for me at unfortunate moments.
Whispers and sin.
Anxiety within.
Neurotic quixotic tic tic hermit.
Crawl under covers to satisfy the quiverer.
Falling out of favor, the sanity deliverer.
Scratching imaginary itches, bleeding all over.
Bugs in the skin, spiders on the mind.
Arachnophobia, terror nova, scald and soap up, spasmodic euphoria.
Shake the head not shake it off.
Swift repulsions, revulsion.

Grabbing tight the leggings as fear qua man sets in.
Cold shiver upon the chestal area.
Holding fast the beefy arms to clasp at comfort.
I’m piddling in my mind.
Wailing and staring at the floor out of shame.
What else is new?
Debased and laying prostrate and nude for all viewers.
Gush forth all my shit for the readers if they will it.
Collecting digital hearts for analog nights.
Cold and dreary, weary, dreadfully teary.
Have another cuppa tea old chap!
Cozy warmth in my cozy shack.


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