Me No Read Good

It’s no surprise that having a learning disability is a hindrance to progress and self-value. The issue is that you are blocked off in a way, pushed back by some force that makes it seem pointless to go on. Whenever I fail or have issues like with reading and comprehending even a sentence, every step of the way I feel dumb and that feeling is compounded and repeated over and over, this circumstance creates a loop of disappointment. “Why try?” The hammer of failing strikes forever and yonder and picking up your pieces and continuing is a horrible task with the light at the end out of sight; you have to keep going with that idea in mind that it gets better, progress is made, neuronal connections are happening because of your good work. But is that easy to see when bogged down in darkness and mists of ignorance? I keep stepping up to the plate and swinging to little avail. After much time invested there are fruits bared, the seeds sowed blossom for the betterment of me, my wholeness, my centre of self. The knowledge of that, the precedent set, does not help much though within those dumb dumb moments. Still, people with these problems are mostly conscious of the exact situation they are in and are wrapped up in the task at hand. The clouded mind shows no sun, we are stuck with our deficiencies glaring at us.


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