Frigid you say

Sexual Anorexia
Tempted to touch but never act
Inversion aversion
Loathe the body feed the mind
Trinkets of the body
Hush the physical
Hide in my shadow
Harm the self
Rip off skin
Cut away the sin
Stab away at sexual organs
Push lovers further now
Isolation cum inebriation
Cum obsession revulsion
Fluids so slimy
Images harp me
Sensations unseemly
Closeness phobia
Brick walls layering thick
Pillars and polar personas
Standing with edges and fragments
Picture me picture frame
Blanket me with white space
Folded paper dreams
Origami cranes on deathbed
My crafts are the children
Creations of doomed obscurity
Camera obscura flip my image
Selfie says many words
All by self after giving some
Not all
True image is kept within
No more sharing
Looking for osmosis


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