Cycles of a Trying Self

Push on day in day out
Suffer fools suffer self
Tides pulling inside you
Moon guides life not you
Out of control out of body
Issues grow
Desperation grow
Painful nights
Smiley days
Work toil work through
Stressed relations
Drown in bitters
Drunk on whisky
Can’t feel sorry for self
Everyone say be strong
Don’t feel sorry
Fight day after day
Struggle with weight
Lag behind but go forward
Make friends
Try to love
Everyone has problems
Go psychiatrist for voice concerns
Everyone busy
Tired from own fight
Work, kids, money
Life stone, movable but slow
Stone with you always
Tell no one anymore
Deal with the hard
Choke on screams
Shade pain and find life
Get better feel hurt
Put hurt in locker
Feelings shame
Wear mask for approval
Sadness weak
Fears of tears
Breakdown in front of strangers
Feel stranger
Feel much see self
Drink to forget
Everyone be too nice
Run away
Find new place
Reinvent self
Hate old self
Try find love
Push on day in day out


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