As I Lay

Realtime blather, condition can’t fathom.
Miasmic blur and rockabilly spasms.
Pulled from the chest rude awakening.
Powerpoint pressure for the unliving.
Dead to rights refrain recall.
Just a final fantasy playing Squall.
The bullet chases me the memories dwell.
Caught in a hustle of bubba trouble infernal.
Bubble bubble up froth the witchmaker’s broth.
Foresee four seasons my winter of discontent.
Happy happy joy joy paint me a smile.
Joker grimace on the freshling nubile.
Naked jaybird absurd strut rough.
Puffed up blowfish jigglypuff.
Malice a forethought anger swells.
Beat myself red bruisy macho weak ankles.
Gave up tobacco.
Feel a little wacko.
Dot the yacko.
Thought about yayo.
Dream of soma relaxing staycation.
Get away from cloying sensation.
Trapped in four walls four square reduction.
Sudoku puzzle me unearth destruction.
Mild mannered maneater with a fever.
Troubled little bub wolverine claws leave her.
Afraid of myself afraid of the others.
Ghost in the shell anima defensive.
Food for thought me so pensive.
Dark and broody femme and fruity.
So many things my sides unruly.
Breakfast club bar brawling inside of me.
Settle the brouhaha lol at the sight of me.
And the people be eyein me.
Open-mouthed stares from whites fearfully.
Just a terrorist in their minds probably.
Can’t they see I’m ill and sickly.
Ill skill bill ugly duckling rappery.
This a swan song get the Portman outta me.


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