Not to sound like an old man but back in my day you had to work to see titties. The images and videos weren’t just there for your perusal. With 56k modems downloading was an exercise in mind-numbing patience. I remember when Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight came out on tv I was all ready to see some x-rated jigglies but alas it was pay-per-view. In those days you could see what you were missing, it was scrambled to shit and every now and then you’d get a split second of viewing pleasure. I sat alone in perverted agony catching glimpses of red and green glitchy boobs from the opening scene, getting excited when a vague glimmer of nipple and roundness flashed on our small tvs (we were fine with reasonable sized screens dammit, we could only dream of getting a 30 inch). I think I watched that scene several times actually, sadly, hoping for some flaw in the cable channel. TnA was hard to come by.

Now that I’ve seen plenty of boobs that thrill is obviously gone B.B. I do enjoy the cleavage and the surprise aspect, curiosity certainly doesn’t kill a hardon. But that excitement and hope from childhood is buried real deep. It may last for some, people get enthusiastic about new movies or albums, but if you don’t you accept it and search for little pleasures, little deaths. I’m scrambling for little pleasures continuously, getting green jealous over people’s fandom and passion.  Is dejoy a thing? I think I can make due with passing fancies.


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