Bad Timing

They said cries of attention, cries for help.
I murmur pleas of sanity and extreme escapism.
Empty chest syndrome.
Feeling broken glass window.
Explain my heart.
Rum tum tugger black oleander.
Death and disease circle the brain.
Buzz buzz little nappy gnats follow.
Husky husk drowning in musk.
Gay forte when femmes calling.
Drone torpedo at affection grabbing.
Lost kisses and paramours.
Lost character and highway.

Illuminated yellow lines juxtaposing vertigo confusion. Jumbling scenic route inversion. Catch a lie in the tumble; my life a lie, lips speaketh it. Deceiving myself and distrust the others. Melodramatic play without form or lines. Always acting. Making part out of parts, fragment fragalicious personality defect. Screaming brain screeching heart, arterial lump sagging low making squishy sounds. Apu man jewel. Silly Raj walking naked and clueless; lies, jokes, all laughs and snickers from pedestrian pedestrians. Ruminate on that, ruminant bad dreams chewing fretfully. Manic masticater chomping nervous lips, eating away face, sins of the skin.  Who loves you baby?


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