Pills pills pills, take em for my ills. Don’t mix with alcohol but pain needs the dull. Ravaging savage claws at my thumping chest, tear asunder beat em up side-scrolling chills. Feeling cagey all the time, suppressing bottle beast, undressing model me, medicating ex-trustee. Morning nighttime routine days span, dulling senses, healthy brain scan.
Prozac photostat, copy copy everyone else, model nouveau personality, sanity accessories.  Locks and lox rage prison. Dreidel dreidel dizzy spin. I don’t believe in anything. No god no story, empty narrative, pride declarative, some excuse to live.
Twisted mind and purple heart. Bitter swallows, hate-filled. Carve the chest rip it out. Manscaping melancholy. Sickness buried coffin deep, pull out wreckage, robot wires. Pull those heartstrings red red splatter, paint the walls with manifesto. Smear my campaign, love the bottle. Mixing treatment, nixing vices, bored as shit with healthy crisis.
Sleep with sordid, nuzzle macabre, only relate to hopeless morbid. See the gray, see the bigots, multiplying ignorance. Right wing coitus, brainwash kids. Hoping for alternatives.


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