False Modesty Falsely Faced

Orc daggers, wolfsbane
Treasure hunt, all terrain
Pirate do you savvy
Ricky Ticky Tavy
Superman Shomi
TV for the dull beat
Shower shows distract me
Netflix on the repeat
Digital relief please
Sordid show of manners
Personality deficit
Come to watch me blather
Self-conscious requisite
Methinks I so important
Sherlock Holmes delusions
Watson it’s my element
Detect my illusions
Spot the final puzzle piece
Solve the whole damage
Therapeutic artifice
Traumatic problem manage
Dwelling on the seen unseen
Quite the merry Mary
Stuck in contrary dream
Could I deal with ordinary
Addicted to the dramas
Daily pills intake
Whore of Big Pharma
Hooked on mistakes
And I got the feeling
Emotions drained like rice
At the pot I’m keeling
Puking out my vice
Maybe I’m a little girl
Maybe I’m disgraced
Get myself a whirlygirl
Join the human race


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