Spider Sense

Crystalline onyx color wonder marking spindly spiders casting their webs. Rubbing silky steel threads like seers of Grecian old. The web of rejection, negation. Rejecting self; I am no one. Cannot accept, abide, denied forward face! Pluck a petal look at thyself, he loves me not not not. Alice in wonder chains cackling at the mess.

Playing victim, Hording fiefdom, diddling scrotom timepass. Suffer rigid blades carving hate-filled sacs of delirium infinitum. Long for blades, metaphorical persuasions highlighting sexual preferences. Abuse me man. Manicotti, Manichevitz, manna dude man. Pour your misery down on me. Bathing beauty marked for character assassination, guilty frustration. Bevy of guilt; shame spray metal shards on bucolic fantasies.

Pristine little daggers jagger off, downslide into brittle skin. Huffy puff through and through; medical examination revelations. Sick fat sick hobble gobbed troll swiping pretty little liars. Fuck! Me fuck me so solly stereotype hype, tap some bong. Where to fit in, where to hang hats. Come home for dinner to empty nest relief too. No dragging stragglers into sand dunes. Bury me deeply dp sweet pea.


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