Lern Good

Maimo maimo, these whispering secrets cuddle so nicely within me, spay the hellions before they multiply. Then shamefulness, red-cheeked native son blushing hard. I dare not tell a soul unless drunk and defensive, so, you know, every other day it seems to me. But I find it hard to talk about those things, illumination is dull-beated on my rave scene. Hard bopping’ kids licking toads on a hot wet sprocket.

Me can’t read good. Oh I can read properly compared to other dyslexics (apparently dyslexic means reading disorders general not just jumbles and queeridity), just the focus is off, the words lose sense more than I’d like; ADD addled brain suffocating on distraction gaseous emissions, eyes beating round surroundings looking at nothing, remembering nothing. Short-term shot shittily so I goes ta practice rightly, brain games and memorization etiquette working in the background; license plate scans the napkin on my lap, words words words on the page must be fed to the steel trap. Brain foggy, hungry, trapped in its own metal jaws and dithering anxiously every way. Reflections, projections, remembrances and awful trifles. Where was I? still on page 2?! Solid is the fate which bares through and through. Read and reread so many times words lose meaning. OCD renderings birthing third eye epiphanies on symbolic language inputs and outputs, ratios of frail communication. Letters rubbing against each other in the black bag of the mind. I forget. I wander through the camp, hobble up to sure things. Poetry won’t fail me.

I fear it getting worse, Alzheimer’s bubbling up, toil and trouble future stain. Can’t stop. Repeating. Stop. Check again. Do it do it! Go back to hitting yourself! Remember those days? I did it to you, for you, against you my oh my you are the puppet. Dance, dance monkey man. I crawl in your skin. Slither around ears and coax obedience. Let me in little pig, let me tell you what’s what. Arguing with bad self, Mr. Buu no happy Slappy. Animaniacs running the show; pop a poppler, watch him go. Bad rising and falling, tired now, nothing more.


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