Down a twisty tunnel. Curvy unjulating trance force glowing round me. Being beaten with steel rods about the head, blows shows I suppose. Feeling dizzy, down, mood elevation so far out of reach; hanging fruit smushed to bumbleberry jam underneath cloven hoofed feet. Metamorphosis shape shift blasphemous scandalous. Devil goat satyr braying white hot anger. Sad angels playing harps to tune deaf beast. Stay away, namaste, doesn’t work, repeat threepeat plunker down in deep depression bunker arching Archie. All in, family ties family matters matter of fact. Fiction addiction dreamstate affliction, escapism following. Leave this body, spirited away from ghost forest draped in carniferous trees. Antichrist elms and bottling bawling willows.

Me again. Old me, gray me. Sunken treasure pirate’s life for me. Capsized ships gotta swim up for air. Steal preservers and hang on to other’s buoy. Say to myself I did it alone but really joint effort. Smoking joints spliff frenzy, take away the pain. Self-medicate for artist’s sake, must create, every day create, re everything over and again. Temptation orbits round, insaning myself for loony toons circus. Bitter eyes blinking help me refrain under guise guy.

Sink my teeth into my own face, eat away skin, rub out sin. Blue slate forget the past, repast dras. Tic tic away minutes to hours. Bulgy eyes racing heart, rip it out, stripmine chest cavity gravity. Stab in dark, copper blood loosing forth entry wounds red and bloody hell disaster. sunk on floor droopy mouth dangling arms. Carved turkey chest exhibiting scars, stitches in time, pin prick weak flesh, voodoo doll in controller’s hand. Melodramatic static spewing out sad song blues, better paint myself pink.


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