Different dreams

Had a dream I was a woman (or transsexual, not really sure) and I liked it. Not the first time I’ve thought about being a woman or being transgender anyway. There’s good and bad with both genders but sometimes I think being a woman would be better in some respects. Also in the dream me and Maria Bamford (the Bammer) made a kid’s show together and I learned to imatute her exarcly. I would love making a kid’s show with her. Her comedy and sensitivity would be a welcome change to the shows of today and it’d be about real acceptance and understanding, not generic “love everybody” bs or everybody is special sap, but knowledge building. To be cliche we’d build a “positive space” for everyone really, adults too.

Right now parents are bitching and complaining about same-sex education in Ontario and it makes me ill. The fact that these dumbs parents (who probably won’t talk to their kids about same-sex unions, homosexuality, sex in general) get so much say in regards to this issue while parents’ concern is not taken into account in other respects. What about all the excessive homework kids get nowadays, didn’t parents complain about that? Or cutting arts programs or at least trimming the fat of them? It seems all this right wing conservative stuff always gets a seat at the table and an open ear when it is just plain dumb nonsense. Fuck these parents, nothing wrong with LGBTQ at all! Kids should learn about reality, the real world and what is out there. And the complaints about anal sex. They’ll learn about it in grade 7! Kids know a lot of that shit by then anyway, the playground teaches all. Why do we need to placate the backwards? They need to keep up and change their ways, we don’t need to make exceptions and accommodations for the Troglodytes of society. Get with the times man.


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