I wanna feel that hug but I can’t.  When I wrap my arms round you it just feels like a body pressing against mine. Feelings fleeting. Cold numb dumb unlike other people. Am I people? Persona non grata isolation splatta. Where is warmth? Home and hearth hardly heart-filled human. I need to be like you, need need, desire, the wanting that left my lovely bones. I want desire while I’m craving suffering, big ass drama queen mono-feeling the world. Monotonous malady making double depravity deeply. Get an MD, phD, apb for PDA, ts. My heart sinks, I feel it all, doesn’t even thump for anyone. It’s barely there like absentee fathers; stories for another time. Fear coldness, empathy drain, sympathy hole that devours from beneath you. Become my own shadow, silhouette man emanating negative ones. Let me feel kisses for the sake of sanity. Sanity clause marx departure, groucho future looking likely. Let a raisin in the sun cool down.


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