Down the bottle. Pills circulate through red ocean current currently doused with the downer upper. Jacked up jolt up party guy arrival. Fun Bobby comes on chartered flight, plan for reckless hedonist night finally come; cum, another respite from seriousness, dark knight play, change my costume please.

Drink a friend, confidant for confident manner, wingman, Charlie’s Angels triple fisted ham-fisted lip busted. No no mix but no no juice so tempting good, keep it through the years. My thorned crown digging in but I call it a halo for the numbness. Not pill numbness but suffering med. Put upon myself heavy loads, the drama queen in me being silent ninja. But cannot stand the cold of it, the dull ache pulsating melodically to the tiny violin I hear schizophrenically. Move sucka. I drown the shebang, torrential rains making marvellous great flood, wash away my sins holy father. Believe not but feeling desperate tonight. Wanting want and suckling booze alley for the tempered high that diminishes as time flies. You get used to it. Always.

Blood drain acid wash nightmares culling themselves in origami konami scares. I’m folded up, crane my neck to stiff imagery tanking my thoughts, memory, worldly symphony banging timpani, showboat showmen shower shaolin. I take it, take you, take two prescript pill bottle throttle depression befuddle. All I can say is grey, grey’s anatomy know me no me. Self-indulgent tripe ripe for evisceration, invasion, invaders must die, hard house cry. Weepy boy blue coo coo cachoo. Acid poet revealing madness scribble scrabble double word score, half whore, film noir. Cast a blanka on my blue slate mind stuck in memory lane with all the wrong kinds, can’t switch, gears, lanes, self. What is self? Gone into self, wreck self, see self, feed self, ego selfish simple fish, self self. Meta meta pull into itself. Separate “it”, other, don’t you want it clown balloon boy. I am it it is me, it is and it shall be. Slam poet reversing gears, splitting hairs, dissecting words like class frogs, no princes in sight this night. Just me. Again. Just me.


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