Don’t Listen

Oh I see your helpful eyes.
Pleads, sorrowful, verge of cries.
But I’ll push you away with the Jedi force.
It’s just my way Frankie said it best.
I put the Lucy line tween the divide.
I don’t like close stay on your side.
Blue drops in rippled vases.
Look at the face of sympathy bore into me.
Pah, had enough of treatment.
Soulful response to cold treatment.
Back turned to helping hand.
Turn turn turn merry man.
Twoface faced.
I dump my baggage on a stripper.
Sometimes average, typical male.
I love a pretty face pretending to listen.
Kinks and shrinks life lessons.
I’m guessin.
Bash face bolt head.
Blow brains new keds.
Get up stand up.
Fight the strife.


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