Stop moving forward cause I’m afraid of your words.
Abstention from rejection and negative situations.
Angry eyes, burning lips sputtering vile disillusionment.
Too much fighting.
Broken dreams soaking up golden shag carpet.
Hatred billowing out silver smoke to wrap heavy lungs.
Can’t breathe, choking on you, the badder version.
Happiness defenestrated.
Locked in rails unable to leave.
Steam whistle train ramping up for the runover.
Adolescent flashback of su su suicide debacle.
Conductor reduction.
Tainted trust, afraid of attachment, closeness.
Personal intimacy phobic hetero novice.
Burns lay on skin getting Ashy Larry.
Gamble with health but not life.
Decisions stereotypical antithetical.
Run run commitment triage.
Doctor doctor clinical verbiage.
Bad case of loving you lovely still.


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