Hurled insults and sarcasm
Held up like patriot nationalism
Mocking faces stuck out tongues
Rude countenance soak it up like sponge
Weary outsider
Slow on the uptake slow on the beat
Drama commences in acts
Weak knees crumbling identity
Fallen sunken face melting into daymare scare
Droopy leaky eyeballs giving away bruised feels
Sad sack always trapped
Putter pouter head in the sand
Ugly duckling ostrich shame
Weep the burning tears of a blistered son
Hot angry weepinbell stalled in fear gear
Bad memories and mojo cranking up the action
Claw marks on red chest betraying the pressure
Round Robin fly away mockery
Little child feels alone safe at home
Out in the world of monsters
Perfect hellions bashing sensitive light refractions
Mirror mirror awful
Broken shards pokey
Liquid crystal display
Fractal man bursting with geo explosions
Distracting mathematics
Cold shoulder thick skin pragmatic


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