Hush Baby

I like to lie to myself
Tell myself I don’t care about the opinions
Harsh words and jokes don’t rip me Jack
Steely stares and judgy scrunched faces
Lotta Renee Zellwegers pointing
Lols pushed up like death-beseech-me daisies
I feel butthurt and sulk moderately maudlin in my mancave
Tissue and coconut oil littered round
I’ve lost the other highs
I soak in the rush
Sweet relief comes in pint-sized doses
Replete with homesick dosas
Food comforts in the still of the night
The still heart beating cavernous soloism
I go on with the loner act
Always popular but I crave to be alone
Curled up under covers safely
Block out world, live in dreamery
Alternate timelines swimming in my brain
I take a dip and forget my troubles
Take a sip and crash again
Afraid of the big world with the pain of life
I feel it all in multi window
Boxes of splinters overlapping each other
Pull the trigger mentally
Again again di di mau
The brain keeps talking
No silence here since conception
I wait for the kick of convoluted inception
Fractured reality fracking steamheads
Seams blown gaskets like stock trader gingerbread
Running rats scurry in a hurry
Sell sell soul
Chipped cogs rotating in rusted splendour
I answer with a jitter
Coffee addict spastic jumbling unsteady fingers
Moonpie melodies sing softly in reverie
Gone off the edge, about time for the jumpoff
Lil Kim blasting stereo warheads
Un’s card game either a president or jackass
Safety check belt firmly
Safety self
Protection burst like a one night condom
STDs and TPPs
Jizzim jazz playing nymphetically
Brass section reverberating my astrological rhythms
Scales justify my thug liberal Libra
Temporary temper settle down walking rage
Flits of fancy imagining punches
Fists splattered on the avenue
Second and first


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