Me man. Want woman. Me funny. Me change life. Less meat, less drink, no smoke. Me happy me sad. Bad head mojo. Me want relationship but me asexual. Me get turned on but no boom boom. Me like cuddling. No use Mr. Happy. No feel like others. Me trying to live better. No work. Problems. Brain trouble. Do art. Feel good. Read much. Feel good. Workout muscles. Feel strong. Like Bull. Me protect others. No like bullies. No like crime. Me like justice, equality. Angry at world. Too much hate. Me want love. Had once. Not same now, just care. Me care about animals, poor and sick, bleeding heart. Want do something but lost. Wrapped in consumer culture. Like keep old things but like gadgets. Me like technology. Hate guns. No like war. Bullies and bullies. Me hug world now. Less anger. Less hate. Want peace and quiet. Share life. Live with love.


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