It’s like this. Let’s say you have a piece of chocolate cake, you like chocolate, chocolate cake is pleasing, you can enjoy it well enough. But when you eat it the taste is there but it’s not the same amount of taste that other people get. It’s not as sweet, not as chocolatey, not as creamy as it would normally would be. You try to indulge in it and make an effort but the feeling isn’t there, the pleasure is lessened, neutral. Sure, you can have a cake that looks really nice, you get nice dessert plates and dessert forks, but that does not change the overall event. When you finish you do not feel that satisfied or content, maybe it was good to get it done and have that piece, satisfy some primal craving, everything was fine. What could happen is you take it for what it was and move on not seeing all the fuss, another scenario is you feel more empty than you did before because you cannot get the same level of enjoyment that others get, that cake was just mild sensations in your mouth. So you just have to accept that cake is not for you, no matter how you dress it up or add to it the cake is a lie. You are cake less and fine with it.


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