Dirty Boy

You can’t stop ruminating on your past devil deeds. Grind gears steadily in whirlybird emotional wreckage cum twisted metal carpocalypse. Run run run around inside my little head, little big planet full of illusions, delusions, confusion. Go back to those moments you couldn’t stop yourself, dream again about the hunger, the obsession, the sick twisted fantasies making you yank and squeal with lust. Diversions, aversions, lessons of perversion, sink deeply deeper into self-hate seas, reach the bottom can’t you stop it? Desperate, angry, whip self beat self curse self. Hate me me me, hate the fetish hate the addiction. Why feel this way, why feel anything? Shut down, shut off, emotions numb, dumb full of cum. Dick’s not my friend maybe a frenemy, tempting me to commit horrible acts I regret so rightly; bathe in shame, burn myself I deserve it, let me be Freddy dead corpse bride. Oh I deserve it, wicked man, weak man, sick fool sick of foolishness. Whip self beat self curse self. Punish me love me rip me asunder. Can’t stop, won’t stop, burn me eternally.


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