Loveless and Love Lace

Broke my friend’s car seat don’t even remember it
Bust a bunch of money on nergasm pc pieces
Now I gotta pay her back for the damages
If I trust her story that is
Paranoid brain got me friendless reckless
Gotta give it up can’t be thankless
Shared the wealth in past so why so selfish
Got played a sucker women became shifty
And they all left me so I leave quickly
Don’t trust no one and playing for my self
Everybody play the game of love
I’m just a hollow queen screaming for red roses
Just like les mis relations imposes
Singing sap crawling with the bushes
And I gotta keep these
These friends and bar flies
Can’t be needy but I need the closeness
I need the sound of voices but not the hands
Warm embraces leave me single sliced
Wrapped up in plastic vice
Am I the flailing humanist
The greedy consumerist
The sensitive vegan pissed
Just an angry separatist
Montreal madness
Fever in the brain and bitter on the lips
May be a harlequin but I have the poison ivy kiss
Kind smile with the dead eyes set
Charming but loveless
People love me and I pass the altar
Kneel at the Logic
Prey to the mental
Rational sensual
I’m huggy bear at intervals
Cold calculator with the solar power
Hot brain warm heart
Hot mess devil’s start
Angel pie with twisted tart
Fluffed with affection and slowly churning wise man
Mad mad world and apathy the temptation


The Best I Can Give

I got the greediness of neediness and singular obsession.
Dirty depression got me hankering for the love of blessing.
Focus on the girl who brings the laughter.
Always with another the typical disaster.
Husbands and boyfriends with the goals and secure.
Me I’m losing love and so insecure.
Broken locks locked in, passed repair.
Empty nest, shallow people perforating the air.
Give em a chance open up and they just stare.
Too weird for the Jones’.
Too crazy for boys town.
Too wrapped up in the mental.
No more paramours now.
Fixated vexed maybe hexed for romances.
Black cards take place of Chances.
Monopoly run no room for partners.
Rentier class double down on steerage.
And I want the world but my hands closed fists.
Too angry for some but something’s amiss.
My hearts not dead but paralytic.
Tried to pump it and thump it to trickle some blood.
Leaky muscle loses life as Reason comes in.
Scientifically minded.
Analytical modeled.
Primed for bottle and addicted to want of desire.
But I’m a liar I aspire to be father, brother, lover.
I can give you my life and give you my honour.
But sadly I can’t give what you covet.
There’s no strings on me and no hand in the puppet.
I’m just a hollow man who asks you to love it.

Ariel Comes

Little push little nudge. Over the cusp of black sea oblivion tanked and tainted with the Kraken of doom sayeth thee. You hold yourself, the mermaid maiden holds me, comforting sweet but dragged to the deep; suffocation, supplication, sublimation of the cuttlefish nation. The drowning girl of downing curls, prim and proper fair contrare. Hydrophilic, chocophobic, sexaholic sprawling leg splits. Inter enter this lavish maiden, return concern her dwindling light.

Eyes, the eyes, flashing brilliant supernovas collapsing into black holes, death spirals whirligig whirlygirl spin right round into cold shoulder cold night oblivion again. Oh such darkness, such unmitigated dread dredged up for dark poets’ fanciful fascination and frolicking fantasies. Can you not think of a woman happy and merry married to merry men quite contrary? Does the weeping woman satisfy your wants, curb your enthusiasm, appease your desire for yin yang unity. Crisitunity says the Homer in me, odyssey fondly epic struggle so timely always with me attraction deadly. Save me save me, maiden so waifly. Sensitive touch to pull us from the deep, hungry hippos at our feet, waiting gluttonously to sup on meat.

Wax and wane poetic, candle flicker, both ends on credit. Debts due death due, Dostoevsky debt and divorce on cue. Allen Poe lamenting and rubbing on my silky misery. Autoerotic fetish pervy purview stick my neck out for sinews. Wrap golden threads hued with lavish scents round the petty head. Get a turban for my gherkin to play the deviant to shreds. Shreds of cloth, little strings push and pull apart my arms and legs. Madly mannish marionette speaking hush words of former dread.