Loveless and Love Lace

Broke my friend’s car seat don’t even remember it
Bust a bunch of money on nergasm pc pieces
Now I gotta pay her back for the damages
If I trust her story that is
Paranoid brain got me friendless reckless
Gotta give it up can’t be thankless
Shared the wealth in past so why so selfish
Got played a sucker women became shifty
And they all left me so I leave quickly
Don’t trust no one and playing for my self
Everybody play the game of love
I’m just a hollow queen screaming for red roses
Just like les mis relations imposes
Singing sap crawling with the bushes
And I gotta keep these
These friends and bar flies
Can’t be needy but I need the closeness
I need the sound of voices but not the hands
Warm embraces leave me single sliced
Wrapped up in plastic vice
Am I the flailing humanist
The greedy consumerist
The sensitive vegan pissed
Just an angry separatist
Montreal madness
Fever in the brain and bitter on the lips
May be a harlequin but I have the poison ivy kiss
Kind smile with the dead eyes set
Charming but loveless
People love me and I pass the altar
Kneel at the Logic
Prey to the mental
Rational sensual
I’m huggy bear at intervals
Cold calculator with the solar power
Hot brain warm heart
Hot mess devil’s start
Angel pie with twisted tart
Fluffed with affection and slowly churning wise man
Mad mad world and apathy the temptation


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