Return of Birdman

Should I decipher the codex of my mutable fragical mind, turning stones and tricks for reason divine? Finding a wooden boy in the mire and living to aspire, I consummate the concubines in deft little spires get a whiff and a huff of Heff empire.

Is it cold shoulder or chips raining down, perpetual frown jousts with cutesy clown, the takeover reup taking longer now. Feigning jealousy and longing when envious of pep, flipping over heels but no follow script. My youth is reversion confirming aversion, settle in old man britches  for the calmness. Too angered now, patience eroding lacklustre doldrums, days span months in grey pattern baldness. But no one fault is this. Life goes according and a-courting, kiss the wrinkly hands of fate. Manos, Thanos, please save the canon.

Panty-twisted nerds calling reckless, dickless, witless, place women on bitchlist. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve been on the shitlist, been bitchy and mean and Dickensian friendless. I fathomed a dark world and supped on the hate, sucked the teat of bitterness and cursed all the regulars. All them average complaining about taxes, health scares and hurt back and I stay mute and listless. Can’t talk about demons, the heathens, the dirty brain cretins. Save the chat for professionals who throw around medicines, the little pill replicants molding me to cloning fit. Execute Plan B throw away the personal, dilute the obsessional, cut out my devils. Horny rimmed glass kooks black and tan mongrels. Biting on my back fat, monkey got some company. So far I run and lose my way and now I’m back at starting race and I forget who I displaced my personalities changing face.

Who who who am I? I am the Birdman, the ticky tacky owlman looking over shoulders to see who’s closer. Trust the webby strangers, the online pathos, anonymously rambling to nighttime meandering. Repeat all the negatives, capture light from happy peers, p2p the positive accentuate the imperative. Now I forget what I say and I’m living my way. Crushed and lazy dull haze nix the drugs and binging, no more narcotic suite, trying health but none replete. Chalk up bad days to experience but no one hear the truth of this, tight lips keep aship run aground on future space when it matters not a bit.


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