Lover’s Dilemma Prisoner’s Retreat

I see the piques and peaks
Peekaboo sweet cherry bum plate
Double bubble treats in snowfilled territory
Yellowknife escapade cut me shallow
Licking my wounds in Envy’s shadow
Cut and run Kutiman breaking the beat thump
Lover’s retreat sort of hollow lump
Ice showers cold heart Asgaard be calling
Locate the Loki the prince of icy
I see entice me love me thrill me
BB King me bye byes thrill seek
Lei of thorn lay on me blind me ruefully
Land of the blind only ears speak
Hear the disparity
Commiserate loverly
Food for the soul and respite for the weary
Padre for the meek
Communicado blessedly whispers in the blushing cheek
I raise the spirit while they lower me
Humbly humble me Humbert lechery
Vamp for youth and the happy feet
Take smiles like gummy fairies
Rend and twist sour patchy candies
The kachu Kaiju monster battle run through
Grow internal horns match the demeanor
No grow bitter berry senior
Mississippi burning and hot hand beaner
Hold cold soul to drop in tow
Undertow underwater Titanic ship offering
Slice anger for the offing
Tamale red breath got me fire coughing
Dragonlady morphin time
Please let me soften
Scales to sails and voyaging
Simple sailor sallying
Simple Simon blind again


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