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Fighter be fightin
Anger rising
Talky talk rants in my brain
Bitterness grows so profane
Catches hold of me
Raging bull beast
Let out the tongue to jab at friendlies
Don’t think it’s the alcohol
It must be the obsessive
The ruminating lifestyle
The angerdome venting
Conducive abusive depressive obsessive
I fight the world and yell expletives
Too political, too confrontational
Grew up a scrapper now I lash out at arrogance
The bully child men who think they’re so right
Special priveleges to be so dickish
Tell others how to live and can’t stand the other shoe
Make it a mission to bring down the size
Cantankerous body busy combatting the pride
Full of yourself so I fill you with venom
Cuss out your life and use words against you
Maybe I’m ignorant and forgetting the peace game
Wanna be startin sumthin so deserted ahimsa
Too rude too bad you know it
A king of the flophouse
A pig methinks is enlightened
So intelligent and unbiased
Stay away from the pious
The hypocrite malarky
Don’t start Tony Stark thing
Be the Cap or Hulk in remission


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