I like it. That pain I gain from hedonist masochism, froth at mouth for licks and closed fists. Slapping kinda acceptable but lovin the hard shit. Bash me thrill me use me baby abuse me lady. Got a target under vest like an S on ma chest, super man Clark Kent into nerdy persuasion, into fem domination. Hurt me hurt me, stab a little for kinky, get dem boots and torment me beautifully.

Pay the femmes for the punches for hard dick awareness. So little uprise and nether awakenings, dead all get out I need the black and blue debasement. Don’t go too much, no total abandon, no mistress plannin’, no ball crush sad men. But I dig the hits, I feel it all, sugar assault me be the sadist. S&M main feature only slightly faded. Give me love give me cuts give me physical treatment, batter the chest and dig nails in back end. Jack off the ripper skin, flesh a thin line between pleasure and pain, such sights to show you. Pinhead the pin prick bleed me shameful.

A woman that cuddles me, a woman that beats me, the way I like the hard and soft repeat. Psychological trimmings dangle effortlessly, issues and thick skin covering the bruises, tenderness confuses, mad hulk arouses. Squeeze me and choke me, I need to feel something.


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