Open Wide

Sicky sicky sicky full sick
Big enuff stuff enuff
Gorge quick
Gullet full o refuse
Bodily bully abuse
Tense past memoirs
Stuff face craw full o comfort
Porcelain visits on the downlow
Hope they don’t hear me outside
Nobody see me no lookie at them
Choco fountain drip in me
Run back to toiletry
Visits to the sweets and meat
Expel the trail but not the demons

Crumbs scattered down for the dark ones to follow
Trip me beat me obsequious doublespeak
Duck mouth eat but no speak
Gobble gobble a butterbird of me
Balls of fat and rolls upon me
Rolly Polly feel awful
Chickadee chick pea live off a morsel
Starve the sinner and the tummies