Minute made theocracy
Fear and misogyny
Hate the birth opening for the harsh light eviction
Warm place addiction
Fatal instinct attraction
Find love but hostile
Simple bride of the old wild
Wolverines gone buck wild
Feisty fangs bump uglies
Crop up with some steer meat
Deer hunter so cloudy
Paper Mario gone loudspeak
Francophone on acetone
Prophets speak but in caves alone
Show me the golden book
Hanging words and dangling letters
Secret message in the gutters
Fat cat caliphs rope with seers
Tell the people we top tier
Right hand scion left side jerkoff
Supposed future but antique crop
Dirty brutal like rusty kalishnikovs
OK with AK
Gun toting holiday
Rifle make man while man make corpses
Virtue could shine but stuck in ellipsis


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