Ocd about perversion 

Obsession addiction to the fight

Normalcy formalcy

Fetish kill fetishcide

Ocd former me

Obsess about being sex deviant

Alleviate allegiant 

Know no urges but urge to purge it

Feel like teen freak squirming irk me

Foot freak screaming

Eyes and head see neutral

Focused fixated even when empty

Think myself to want but still wanting less 

Lesser deviant

Lesser demon

Less more or less


Mixxa Mixxa

Perfect pedicure
Cream tip dreamary
Past the Tarantino days
But loving the perfection
Like Sumerian cuneiform
Wedged, shaped and beautiful
Feel bad feel shame cause the media places us
Perverts and sniffer fluffers
Rubitout fetishists
No more urge nor desire
But like to be near
Kiss and massages
Feel like Lenny Bruce fightin’ obscenities
Tits are dirty?
I wanna hug em and kiss em
Love a body love a mind
Love the feminine spiritual

Beautiful liar
Lawyer for hire
Beer slinger for coarse drinkers
Legal beagle for profit imperative