As he sits and wanders. Still asleep yet profoundly waking, staring at this vastly chasm mocking echoed sounds of his alarm. It chuckles to the around for transparent friends do gather. Looping and surrounding the waking man’s confusion; alone and fearful eyes wide shut, sanity gaps, mind traps spring out.

And if he is to pass this long and troubled desert session must he not break the bonds of terror then rush headlong to unknown regions. An empty and fogged map bereft of sights seen or familiarities, of paths assured and paths comforting, of soothing youth fantasies that maketh the man lose time.

What map is given, what items stored to help any who quest for something more. Something to make the fight of fear more palatable.


Past said, Now said

Is it a privilege to know someone so deeply? That isn’t antithetical to my my peaceful, warming, envelop us philosophy? Not quite love but the road of understanding rinding rolling twisting rounds through, from, between us. Minds reads hearts and whistle wallows that say a something. Your something. World mumblings. Listen lots, talk some.

Seperate selves turmoiled in business jags edged against pressure heads. Hard knocked skulls keeping straight eyes and downed heads. Cultivate profit, make money money mine mine mine. Ears plugged, brands up, heads see water rise then take gulping breaths. Breathe. Now now quickly, no time for rest just push pull society lacking words for community. 

Shriveled tenders limp and making pretend prostrate. Bowing outer screamers inside, douse with drugs and middle wine. Turn shoulders away and eye the goal posts.

Then you can go on with deception and confusion and the constant lukewarm war. Friends like peers and acquaintance with business cards and links to follow. I forget a face and we all become shapes and figures with sculpture makeup. Eyes glued elsewhere while ears plugged and flighty, music refreshes but voices tinny around, value drop like copper tops. Bitcoin slops. Maybe tomorrow sunny.

Can you change your rough
Superficial super pristine dangerous
Moderate facial trust
Bright faced white-skinnned
My angeldust
Obsessive with adore and lust
Soothes me confuses me
Just a wreck bust
Heavy metal sinking ships
Imma bottom awaiting thrust
Women be poison I suck it up
Never enuff never done
Closeness comfort and intimate couplets
Cuffed to feminine and sequentially rebuffed
Big eyes get me towards the slave ruckus

Love the pain love the dirt
Back when I was rock bottom and betting rough
I gave the trust to deemed lesser ones to gain the Christy neighbour trust

Mixxa Mixxa

Perfect pedicure
Cream tip dreamary
Past the Tarantino days
But loving the perfection
Like Sumerian cuneiform
Wedged, shaped and beautiful
Feel bad feel shame cause the media places us
Perverts and sniffer fluffers
Rubitout fetishists
No more urge nor desire
But like to be near
Kiss and massages
Feel like Lenny Bruce fightin’ obscenities
Tits are dirty?
I wanna hug em and kiss em
Love a body love a mind
Love the feminine spiritual

Beautiful liar
Lawyer for hire
Beer slinger for coarse drinkers
Legal beagle for profit imperative

Rickety slick sick
Slickety bitch kitsch
FInally get a text so I don’t feel pathetic
People say keep in touch but I who to Whoville
Little words sent cuz I’m trying
Used to shove off and leave em questioning
Can’t help if I shuffle to unfeeling
Petty little me tries to defeat
Hungry emotional vampire
Going Angel to Angelus
Butter up and hurt those who come close
Obsessed with attention and the prideful play
I need medium mitigation for a short holiday

Minute made theocracy
Fear and misogyny
Hate the birth opening for the harsh light eviction
Warm place addiction
Fatal instinct attraction
Find love but hostile
Simple bride of the old wild
Wolverines gone buck wild
Feisty fangs bump uglies
Crop up with some steer meat
Deer hunter so cloudy
Paper Mario gone loudspeak
Francophone on acetone
Prophets speak but in caves alone
Show me the golden book
Hanging words and dangling letters
Secret message in the gutters
Fat cat caliphs rope with seers
Tell the people we top tier
Right hand scion left side jerkoff
Supposed future but antique crop
Dirty brutal like rusty kalishnikovs
OK with AK
Gun toting holiday
Rifle make man while man make corpses
Virtue could shine but stuck in ellipsis